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Neil and Charlotte have shared an exciting life together. More importantly, they’ve shared a very carefully curated version of that life on social media. Now it’s up to two attorneys to navigate the process of fairly dividing that public facing life into two lives that leave them feeling just as interesting, enviable and shareable apart as they were together.

It’s been just over 20 years since I shot my last short film. As soon as Jeff sent me his script I knew this film was going to get made. What hooked me was the simple idea that we as a society may not be too far from SOCIAL MEDIATION. The preposterous notion that sometime in the not-too-distant future we may actually employ the services of legal professionals to help us divided our social currency. It’s human nature to care what other people think of us and in many cases, this drives us to better ourselves. But in the age of social media it has gotten more than a little out of control. We are really only “bettering ourselves” for a superficial instant and to what effect? So that our friends can envy us, and so that those on the periphery can believe that we are something other than what we are.


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